Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network – The Concept

Need for Water Security

Background of the Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network

The water regime is so inextricably and intricately linked with our lives and lifestyles, that any conservation efforts must necessarily have deep participation of the citizenry. Without this participation, it is neither possible to maintain water levels not its quality nor its equitable and safe distribution to all.

Genesis of the Water Guardian and Jal Rakshak concept

Over the 17 years that FORCE has worked with citizens and other stakeholders for Water Security, we have learnt that success comes from voluntary citizen engagement but enabling that, especially on scale, is a challenge.  This is made more difficult by the localised nature of water issues that makes standardisation in water security programs ineffective. The WG&JR program concept is born out of this learning.

Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network

Companies like Uber, Oyo, Amazon etc and non-profits like, Rotary, Lion’s networks have successfully used the ‘aggregator’ concept to achieve corporate or social welfare objectives. The Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network hopes to do the same for volunteer Water Conservation Efforts. The program is designed as an enabler and aggregator of volunteer water conservation efforts.

The Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network inspires, enables, records and rewards all those who are a FORCE for Water Security. Any individual or institution who, voluntarily, does water conservation or spreads awareness about it can register as a Jal Rakshak. They will form Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian clubs at the Municipal Ward level. The Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network mobile App and will work as the aggregating tool. Through it, Jal Rakshaks can:

  • Share achievements in water conservation. Post pictures, write details.
  • Enjoy rewards for Water Carats and Water Credits – This is our tool for recording impact and incentivizing action for water conservation. We will tie up with companies and governments to offer exciting gifts, coupons and rewards! For every 10,000 litres of annual water saving a JR will earn 1 Water Carat. For every 100 people he makes aware about Water Conservation, he earns 1 Water Credit. (see – Rewards Program)
  • Get felicitated – Every World Water Day (March 22) we will felicitate Jal Rakshaks with the maximum Water Carats and Water Credits in their cities / districts.
  • Create ward’s Water Security database – Record site information and pictures of water bodies, rainwater harvesting structures, water logging points and other potential water assets in his municipal ward. This will help plan and implement water conservation projects. (Baseline of Water Conservation Assets)
  • Get useful tips on how to implement the FORCE 5 R’s of Water Conservation in their areas. This includes tips on how to ‘R’educe water wastage, ‘R’euse used water, ‘R’echarge Groundwater, ‘R’ecycle waste-water and show your ‘R’espect for Water.
  • Get inspired by the work of other Jal Rakshaks.
  • Get support from other volunteers and experts for their water conservation activities.

Further, a Jal Rakshak has the option to enroll in a 10 module online Water Security Training program that will make him a FORCE certified WATER GUARDIAN and get enlisted in FORCE Water Guardian database of Community Water Experts that will be shared with government departments and organisations related to Water.


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