Earn Discount Coupon for Water Guardian Fellowship Program

Water Guardian Fellowship Program

Submit your work done in the past 5 years for Water Conservation and get up to 50% discount on the Water Guardian Fellowship Program subject to you earning a minimum of 50 Water Credits / Carats

Terms & Conditions of the offer

  • Last date for submission of details for this felicitation is March 31, 2021.
  • You must submit details of the Water Conservation work done by you to earn at least 50 Water Carats / Credits
  • Verification of validity of the uploaded details will be performed by FORCE Team and if any error in the uploaded document is found then respective Jal Rakshak will be notified of the same and clarification will be sought.
  • After the verification of work, FORCE team will shortlist all entries with 50 or more Water Carats / Credits and 50% discount coupon for the Water Guardian Fellowship Program will be emailed to respective Jal Rakshaks.
  • To participate in this offer, you must be registered as Jal Rakshak on this website.
  • For any query and suggestion feel free to contact us at +91 81300 71254 or write to us at force [at] jalrakshak [dot] org

About The Water Guardian Fellowship Program

Water Guardians is a network of people who have the desire, knowledge and skills to take on leadership roles in creating water secure communities.

To become a Water Guardian, you will need to enroll in the online ‘Water Guardian Fellowship’ program and complete it. This is a 10 session online training program aimed at making you the water expert of your area. (Fee – Rs. 2,995).

Through teaching modules, case studies and application activities, you will add to your knowledge and skills on this topic. Once you complete the Water Guardian Fellowship Program successfully, you will be a Certified Water Guardian.

FORCE will promote and support you as your area’s water expert who can be relied upon to help solve water problems and become water secure.

Water Carats and Credits will be awarded to you for the activities you do as a part of the Water Guardian Fellowship Program and later as a Water Guardian.

Click here to read more and enroll as a WATER GUARDIAN FELLOW.


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