Jal Rakshak & Water Guardian Network
A FORCE for Water Security

You are a Water Wise leader fighting to avert the Water crisis by making your home, workplace and community water secure. You are protecting the lives, livelihoods and lifestyles of your loved ones and all citizens.

Why become a Jal Rakshak

1. Inspire Others

Showcase your water conservation work and inspire others to conserve water. Post and share pictures, videos and details of your Water conservation work. People can learn from you and take the movement forward.

2. Earn Rewards

Jal Rakshaks and Jal Rakshak institutions are part of the JR Rewards Program. For every 10,000 litres of water you conserve in a year, you earn 1 Water Carat. And for every 100 people you make aware, you earn 1 Water Credit. Exchange your Water Carats and Credits for exciting gifts as a reward for your contribution to Water Security.

3. Become a Water Guardian

Add to your knowledge – Apart from the peer-to-peer learning opportunities in this network, FORCE will also share learning opportunities through Jal Rakshak Toolkits, Water Guardian Fellowship program or Water Guardian trainings.  We will promote you as the local water expert of your area once you qualify as a Water Guardian Fellow.

4. Be a Mentor

Get the opportunity to guide other Jal Rakshaks with learnings from your own water conservation experience (by nomination only) 

5. Share your knowledge on the Jal Rakshak Blog

Write informational articles, stories and case studies of excellent water conservation related work done by you or others.

6. Connect with other Jal Rakshaks

Connect with like-minded people – Make and invite other members to groups and discussion forums on topics of interest. Jal Rakshaks and Jal Rakshak institutions can also invite donors, volunteers or service providers for support in implementing water conservation ideas. 

Jal Rakshak

Jal Rakshak 

Water Wise Individuals sharing their personal work and thoughts on Water Conservation.

You are an individual who, voluntarily, does water conservation or spreads awareness about it. You could be doing this in your own home, your locality, school, institution, workplace or online! 

The scale does not matter too – whether you impact 5 people or 5 million, whether you save 5 litres or 5 billion. You are a Jal Rakshak because you care for Water.          

Jal Rakshak Institution Registration

Jal Rakshak Institution

Non-Profits, Institutions and other Organizations sharing their work for Water Security. 

You are an institution that, voluntarily, does water conservation or spreads awareness about it. You could be doing this in your premises, community or online through your employees / members! The scale of your work does not matter. 

You are a Jal Rakshak Institution because you care for Water.                                                                               

Jal Rakshak Service Registration

Jal Raksha Marketplace

Companies offering products and services for Jal Rakshaks’ work for Water.

You are a business that provides design, construction, plumbing or other products & services for water conservation.

Your business size does not matter. What is important is that you provide quality products and services for Water Security.

Jal Rakshak Institution Registration

Water Guardian

You are a Jal Rakshak trained to be a Community Water Expert.

To become a Water Guardian, enroll in the online ‘Water Guardian Fellowship’ program (Fee – Rs. 2,995).  The program comprises of 10 modules of 2 sessions each. FORCE will promote and support you  as your area’s water expert for water conservation projects.

You may like to check out the program details.

The Jal Rakshak Blog

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